IP StrategY

Tailored for Startups and Small Businesses in Alberta

We help you build creative strategies for your Intellectual Property

IP Audit

Uncover Your IP, Ignite Commercial Brilliance!

If your entrepreneurial intellect has propelled your startup, you may already possess valuable IP.
Let's find out!

IP Strategy

Strategize Your IP: Your Pathway to Commercialization.

Is your IP Strategy dynamic and commercially aligned, serving as the soul of your startup?.
Let's do it!

IP Commercialization

Leverage your IP, Drive Innovative Commercialization.

Is there a strategy for commercialization from the earliest days?
Let's go now!

Your Fractional IP Manager

We Are Here to Help!

Enhance the potential of your early-stage startup through our Fractional IP Manager services. Designed for business innovation, we handle the strategic aspects of intellectual property. Our services aim to maximize asset value and cultivate a culture of innovation, while aligning intellectual assets with business objectives. Our dedicated and business-savvy approach to IP management supports the trajectory of your startup.

Why Choose Us?

Founder with 17 years as an ex-lawyer, specializing in IP, Contracts, and Compliance. A seasoned entrepreneur and corporate executive, providing unique expertise for your success. Our team extends beyond borders, bringing together a group of global professionals with diverse backgrounds in law, business, and technology. This ensures comprehensive and innovative solutions tailored to the dynamic challenges of the intellectual property landscape.

Systems Thinking
Passion & Commitment

Is Your Startup in the
IP Minefield
Without a Strategy?

It’s more than just the coveted patent. The minute you named your startup, you stepped into the IP minefield. Each subsequent move — acquiring the domain, registering or incorporating your business — has been a gradual journey into this challenging landscape. 

Now, the question is: 

What about strategy as you navigate your startup within the minefield

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